Almond Butter and Jam Sandwich Biscuits

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

You wouldn’t believe the time I wasted deliberating over whether to call these biscuits or cookies.  Obviously being a native of this fair isle we call the United Kingdom I was thinking biscuit.  I started pondering other sandwich biscuits like jammie dodgerscustard creams or bourbons.  Sorry to disappoint but these biscuits taste nothing like any of those.  In my book they taste better but then it is a very long time since I have eaten those biscuits.  That would be back in my heady gluten eating days.  Whether I call them cookies or biscuits it makes absolutely no difference to how good they taste.  I just had to have mine with a cup of tea.

The recipe comes from the fabulous blog by Sarah Britton called My New Roots.  She always conjures up amazing tasting healthy treats.  The ingredients for these biscuits include some of my favourite things, namely almond butter which I could eat by the truck load and maple syrup.  I realise ingredients for healthy baking can be a little pricey.  I did shell out for some chia seeds as I have wanted to try them in my baking for a long time but I subbed the coconut palm sugar for unrefined golden caster sugar to keep costs down.  I also used store bought almond butter but it’s on my list to try making my own.  You should be able to get all these ingredients from your local health food shop.  I followed Sarah’s recipe using strawberry jam as my filling.  You can get the full recipe here.