Sunday, 18 May 2014

A few things...

I made Green Kitchen Stories Turmeric Breakfast Muffins.  They are very wholesome!

We took a day trip to Lewes to check out the antique shops and to stop by Harvey's Brewery.

We followed this up with a visit to Charleston Farmhouse, home of the Bloomsbury Set.  I'd definitely recommend the house tour for a little creative inspiration and the garden was stunning.

I loved these mosaic tiles

Pretty pond weeds

We've had a lot of flowers around the house lately.  Sweet Williams.

My friends bought me these gorgeous roses.

Back to food.  I've been making this veggie loaded pasta for lunch a lot lately.  I'm loving my greens and roasted tomatoes at the moment.  There's courgette, fennel, toasted pumpkin seeds, lemon zest and goats cheese in there too.

FYI just finished Blood Bones and Butter, it was a brilliant read.