Banana Bread Granola Bars

Sunday, 20 October 2013

These granola bars have been giving my work day snacks a real lift over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve made two batches so far using a mix of different nuts, seeds and dried fruit and both were equally delicious.  By Thursday we’ve always run out.  I have a bad habit of getting home from work ravenous and these bars have been far too easy to reach in to the fridge for and start nibbling.  They are the perfect texture, slightly chewy but with bite.  It’s no surprise that nuts and dried fruit are made to work together, the chocolate takes them up a level.  For banana haters, you can’t really taste the banana but it works as a great binder along with the almond butter. 

The recipe comes from the beautifully photographed blog The First Mess which is packed full of tasty and healthy recipes.  Pop over there for the recipe and to see how chocolate drizzling can be accomplished neatly.  My first effort looked like the work of a small child not yet in control of their motor skills.  The second batch, photographed is only marginally better.

I used maple syrup instead of brown rice syrup because I didn’t have any.  You can choose your own combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruits/chocolate.  I used brazil nuts, pistachios, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, raisins, cranberries and cacao nibs.  Make them, your lunch box will thank you!

Find the recipe here.


  1. I love the photography of The First Mess but I also love your photos because they always convey a very cosy mood, with good food, moody lighting, books and cups of tea... And the recipe sounds delicious!

  2. Apologies if you get a double comment from me—I just tried commenting via iPhone but it didn't seem to go through. Anyway, I love when bloggers I trust try out the recipes from other blogs that have been on my list! This one looks like a keeper, although I'm notoriously bad at making granola bars last as long as they should. I need to give it a go for the mornings I wake up with no time to make a proper breakfast, though. Thanks for this!

    1. Thanks Irina, you should definitely give them a try, they really are the best granola bars I've tried and I've had quite a few!