Autumn Bits and Bobs

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

As I type this, my lap top feels like it’s about to overheat so maybe I’d better speed things up.  I thought I’d take a few moments to appreciate autumn with its contrasts, colours and interesting weather!  Here’s a little of my autumn so far...

I kicked off the season with a visit to a friend who took me antique hunting in Saffron Walden.  I loved this underground antique shop and it was actually pretty reasonably priced too!

I’ve been experimenting with a few smoothie variations.  This one is blueberry and pear topped with bee pollen which I love!  I also like this tea towel a bit too much.  It may feature in a few too many posts in the near future.

I’ve made Sprouted Kitchen’s lemon loaf a few times.  It is absolutely delicious. 

I’m continuing my quest to own all Bruce Springsteen’s albums on vinyl.  It’s good to have a dream... 

These walking boots get taken through their paces at this time of year.

I never tire of the autumn light.

Still our favourite winter stew on repeat at the moment.

We took a trip to Southsea and visited The Garage Lounge on a friend’s recommendation.  The decor is fantastic.

I couldn’t test out the bread or cakes as they weren’t gluten free but I could definitely appreciate the display, gorgeous glass cake cabinet.

Having a few days holiday from work led to me inevitably catching a cold!  I’m powering through with lemon, ginger and honey tea in my favourite cup.  Simply fill your cup with hot water, add some grated fresh ginger, a squeeze of honey and a slice of lemon.  I’d love to hear your natural cold remedies!

How is your autumn going?


  1. This is making me miss London soooooo much! I want to step on orange leaves, stuff my face with pumpkin, and cuddle up in sweaters with lemon cake and tea. I'm now covered with mosquito bites and sweat back home. Fun too ;)

    1. Haha, well you won't miss all the pouring rain and miserable grey days if that makes you feel any better. Hope you are enjoying life back home. :)

  2. Everything about this post makes me happy! I've been wanting to try that lemon loaf, for one…I've also been having loads of honey/lemon/ginger tea these chilly days, and my mom still swears by it as the best cold remedy. Gotta get my hands on some bee pollen—I've heard such great things. Does it taste particularly like anything?

    1. Thanks Irina! You must make the lemon cake, it is one of my favourites. Bee Pollen hasn't got a strong taste, it's slightly honey like as you'd expect but also has a flowery taste. I love it on porridge as well as smoothies.