Roasted Pears and Porridge

Friday, 18 January 2013

Yes, that is a bowl of porridge with a roasted pear dumped in the middle and it is absolutely one of the most delicious bowls of porridge I’ve had.

Being forced to go gluten free did me so many favours.  Ok, it can be inconvenient but it got me cooking, it made me think about where my food comes from, what and how I want to eat, choosing food for my health, understanding fully that what I put in to my body mattered.  One of the first things I was introduced to on my gluten free diet was porridge.  I’d been a strictly toast or cereal girl up until that point.  Now in my new world of food I was looking for a new breakfast.  A friend suggested I try making porridge from rice flakes.  I was addicted immediately and started experimenting with different toppings.  Nearly eight years later porridge is still my everyday breakfast, especially through winter.  It has evolved considerably along with the toppings I choose. 

I could never persuade my husband to try porridge.  In his eyes it might as well have been a bowl of gruel.  Finally, last October after an illness caused him to re assess his diet he relented to trying my daily bowl of slop and as I predicted he would, he loved it.  Now each morning, I am making up a double batch of porridge and filling two bowls.  Porridge is also a brilliant vehicle for getting your dose of super foods while hardly noticing.  Currently on an average day we’ll have linseed, chia seed, bee pollen, honey and dried fruits.  At weekends there might be fruit and toasted nuts.  I try and mix it up a bit.  So last weekend on Sunday morning I stuck a bowl of porridge under his nose with a roasted pear dumped in the middle and he took it all in his stride.

When roasted the pear becomes lovely and soft.  Its natural sweetness is enhanced as is the way with roasting fruits but it was also helped here by a little Demerara sugar and some cinnamon for a little spice.  If I haven’t convinced you that a pear sat in the middle of your porridge is a good idea try it with yoghurt or dress it up with ice cream and chocolate sauce.  We kept left over pears in the fridge and had them for desserts for a day or so.

Porridge (serves 2)
These days I make my porridge with a mix of gluten free oats and rice flakes.  You could also try millet flakes, quinoa flakes, whatever takes your fancy.
1 cup of porridge flakes (I use a rough ratio of 70% gluten free oats, 30% rice flakes)
1 ½ - 2 cups rice milk (or milk of your choice).  I’ve always used rice milk so I can’t vouch for others.
Place your porridge oats, rice flakes and milk in a saucepan and bring to the boil.  Turn down the heat and stir gently for about 5 minutes until the porridge flakes are cooked and it has reached your desired consistency.  Add more milk to your liking.
Cinnamon Roasted Pears adapted from Smitten Kitchen
Choose pears that are slightly ripe but not too soft. 
Lemon juice
Demerara or Brown sugar
Preheat oven Gas Mark 5, 190°C, 375°F.
Wash the pears and chop them in half.  (You can peel the skin if you prefer, I didn’t bother).  Remove the core and lay the pears cut side up on a baking dish.  Sprinkle with lemon juice, cinnamon and sugar then top each pear with a small knob of butter.  Roast for 40-45 minutes until soft and beginning to caramelise.  You can turn the pears half way through cooking.



  1. This is exactly the kind of breakfast I like most--although I make mine from rolled oats. I don't think I even knew rice flakes existed! The roasted pear is so clearly a perfect match with hot, fragrant grain. :)

    1. Yes, pear and warm porridge are a match made in heaven. :)

  2. quinoa flakes + homemade almond milk, melted ghee and a whisper of ginger, here i come! swoon-a-licious caz. thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Ariyele, sounds like a great combination! Impressed you make your own almond milk. It's on my list of things to try.