Roasted Fennel Gluten Free Flatbread Pizzas

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ever since the man of the house started to get a hyper acidic stomach he hasn’t gone near a tomato.  Among other acidic friends the tomato is currently out of bounds.  Cutting out tomatoes isn’t exactly as hard as cutting out gluten, especially as its winter but still, it is surprising how often the humble tomato pops up.  Pizza toppings are one area that has given us a new challenge.  This is our current favourite...Roasted fennel and goat cheese.  The fennel gets sliced super thin with a mandoline and then roasted in olive oil for about 15 minutes.  Once atop the flatbread it is then joined by crumbled goat cheese which in turn becomes lovely and melted under the grill.  I’ve raved about these flatbread pizzas before, if you haven’t already tried, you should.  They are a revelation!

Flatbread recipe adapted from BBC Good Food
Makes 2 small pizzas.  You can cook the fennel while you are making the pizzas, that way everything is ready at once.
100g (4oz) gluten free self raising flour (I used Doves Farm)
75ml natural yoghurt (I used sheep’s milk yoghurt)
25ml water
For the top:
Olive oil
1 medium fennel bulb, thinly sliced
Hard goat cheese (or mozzarella may work).
For the Flatbreads
Preheat the grill to medium and dust a baking sheet (or grill pan) with flour. In a bowl combine the flour and yoghurt then start to add the water and mix well until a slightly wet dough forms. Don’t be tempted to add more flour as you want the dough to be a little wet.
Divide the dough in half.  Flatten each half of dough to form a rough circle about ½ cm thick.  Dust with a little flour as you do this to stop them from sticking to the surface.  (I use baking parchment which I sprinkle with flour to do this, it helps stop the dough sticking and can be used to transfer the dough to the baking sheet).  Place the flatbreads on a floured baking sheet and cook under the grill. Cook the first side until golden brown (about 5 minutes) then turn and cook the other side. As the second side begins to brown remove the flatbreads on the baking sheet from the grill to add the topping.
For the Fennel Topping inspired by My New Roots
Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 6, 200°C, 400°F.  Using a mandoline or very sharp knife, finely slice the fennel.  Place on a baking tray and roast in olive oil for about 15 – 20 minutes until just cooked but not browning as it will be cooking more under the grill.  When the fennel is ready lay it out across your cooked flatbreads until evenly covered. Next top with sliced goat cheese.  Return the flatbreads to the grill and cook until the cheese is melted and just turning golden.


  1. No tomatoes? Oh man, I don't know what I would do. These flatbreads are obviously a great plan, though--fennel and goat cheese sounds super savory!

    1. Ha, yes it's not easy, the hardest thing is sauces, all those lovely rich tomatoey sauces we just love in winter.

  2. i'm currently on restriction from eating: eggs, lamb, spinach, white potato, all non-fermented dairy, rye, oats, wheat, barley, shellfish, and more! when i'm in the clear for this---i'm trying this recipe! (most glu-free flours have white potato starch as the substitute). additionally: i never miss a tomato on a pizza made with fresh pesto, broccoli, arugula. try it for your next one!

    1. Wow, that's quite a list. You must be an expert at finding alternative things to cook. Pesto sounds like a great idea. I haven't tried that as a pizza topping before. Thanks!

  3. wow I never knew one could be intolerant to tomatoes! thought it's tricky enough cutting out the gluten, so having to deal with the tomatoes too, esp for pizza, is pretty harsh. impressed with your adaptability! anyway, second the pesto idea, and rocket leaves too are one of my favourite post-oven topping :)

    1. It's an alkaline/acid thing. He needed more alkaline foods in his diet to get well. It's all about balance. Hopefully the tomatoes will be back again soon in moderation! I will definitely try the pesto topping.