Holiday at Home

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Last week we both had time off work.  It was so good just to relax at home!
We took a day trip to Brighton.  Vintage shops and flea markets were explored.  Coffee was consumed.

Somebody ate a bacon sandwich...

But he needed the energy to lift heavy furniture back to the car.  We happened upon a wheel at the end of this road in Kemptown.

Lunches were improvised.

Rivers were traversed.

Hills were climbed and views were admired...sadly the bicycle had an owner...

Comforting lunches were eaten on chilly days.  Beef stew, roast potatoes and celeriac.

I organised my vintage plate collection.  Yes the cupboard door does need a new hinge...

I discovered that maple syrup, raspberries and toasted coconut are the answer to boring porridge oats.

Not a bad way to spend a week xx

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