Quark it Baby!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

When I bought this tub of Quark it was destined for greater things.  A cheesecake to be precise but that didn’t happen...I can sometimes be a little lazy.  The Quark sat in the fridge waiting patiently for its biscuit base.  It waited to be whipped together with cream cheese and lemon zest.  It waited and waited until two weeks had passed and the use by date loomed.  I always seemed to be missing some vital ingredient.  One week it was the butter required to make the biscuit base, the next it was the cream cheese which somehow got eaten.  My laziness and inability to buy all of the ingredients required to make cheesecake resulted in this simple yet delicious pudding.

Quark, for the un-initiated is a soft fresh cheese.  It is similar in taste to natural or greek yoghurt so feel free to use that instead if you prefer.  Quark is low in fat and high in protein so it’s pretty healthy stuff.
Recipe adapted from BBC Good Food. 
Serves 2
1 x 250g tub of Quark
150g frozen berries (I used blackberries from the glut we got this summer)
Pour the quark or yoghurt in to a mixing bowl and stir.  Fold in the frozen berries until they begin to streak juice through the quark creating a ripple effect.  You can either serve it straight away or let it chill in the fridge for a few hours which allows the berries to soften.  The original recipe suggests stirring in icing sugar and lemon juice but we found it really didn’t need it with the sweetness of the fruit.


  1. interesting! i've heard of the cheese quark before (in chemistry class... lol), but i've never seen anybody cook with it before...


    1. It was the first time I tried it too but it worked really well. How strange to hear about it in Chemistry class!