Double Chocolate Chip Chilli Cookies

Monday, 16 January 2012

Ok, first of all, yes the cookies are on a plate which has a picture of a cat on it, a slightly sinister looking cat if you want my opinion.  Something about the face don’t you think?  Also, yes, I purchased this plate in the cold light of day.  Admittedly it was in a sale, I like it, I’m fine with it. I think it’s just a one off, I’m not planning on making a habit of buying plates with animal pictures on them...

Anyway, this isn’t about the plate, it’s about the amazing chocolate chip cookies on the plate.  It’s about the amazing cookies whose main ingredient apart from the luscious dark chocolate is... black beans!  I kept hearing about super healthy black bean brownies, intrigued I tried making them, they weren’t good so I gave up but then I saw this recipe for black bean cookies.  I decided to give the black beans a second chance and I’m so glad I did.  They are chewy, rich and oh so chocolatey.
You can get the recipe here from My New Roots including lots of helpful information about just how good for you black beans are so you won’t feel too bad indulging in these cookies.  I used chilli flakes as I didn’t have any cayenne pepper.  I also used cranberries instead of the cherries.  Enjoy!

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