Crayons, Cake and Pasta etc.

Monday, 22 February 2016

A few photos from this month.  February is always a month I look forward to waving adieu to.  It hints at spring around the corner but keeps you firmly in the midst of winter.  We started the month recovering from another virus.  We’re ending the month with a broken down car but in between there has been this cake, fun at the playground, visits to our favourite local cafe, a trip to the farmers market, messing with crayons but also teaching the smallest member of the household about his favourite vegetable, streams of sunlight across my cup of tea, daffodils because spring soon please and Rachel Roddy’s Tomato Pasta with roasted aubergine chucked in because see above.


  1. Beautiful, atmospheric photos Caz. That aubergine drawing/ lesson card is adorable! And great to see the little one liking aubergine, wow?!

    1. Thanks Shu Han, that means a lot. :) Yes everyone seems amazed he likes aubergine!