Monday, 13 October 2014

How time flies when you disappear off to have a baby...  Lately I’ve been spending my sleep deprived days getting to know our gorgeous little boy.  Things are a little chaotic.

In my last week of pregnancy I suddenly found the urge to cook but the seasons also changed on me and now this cherry crumble looks a little wrong.  Throw in plums or blackberries or whatever autumn fruit tickles your fancy.  Recipe here from Green Kitchen Stories along with impossibly beautiful photography.

I also made these incredible sugar free cookies.  In fact I took a batch to give me much needed energy while I was in labour.  Ha, that didn’t happen.  Labour and food did not go together.  This recipe is so good.  I’ve managed to make a couple of batches since and can’t stop munching my way through them.  Recipe here from A Sweet Spoonful.  I used pecans, pistachios and cacao nibs in place of the walnuts. Make sure you top with flaked sea salt.  Don’t skip this part, it’s key to the overall taste of the cookie.

Now that autumn is well and truly under way I’ve been getting back in to soup in a big way.  I’ve been making batches of this curried sweet potato soup at the weekends and I also made a parsnip version of this carrot and ginger soup and added a pinch of cumin to spice things up a little.  So glad it’s parsnip season again!


  1. OHHHH CONGRATS CAZ! That is so wonderful! I didn't know about the baby- did I miss the announcement out somewhere??

    Kudos to you for still getting up to loads in the kitchen. Crumble is the best for the shitty weather these days. Been basically doing that with all my autumn fruits- depending on what I've got at the moment, they all go into a stew with butter cinnamon star anise and some sort of alcohol. I make the crumble separately so they always stay crisp and then sprinkle on a serving size and heat just before I want to eat. It's not gf though and I want to try making a gf version so will check gkstories out - it looks great!

    1. Thanks Shu Han! There were a couple of hints but I'm not big on announcements ;) Crumble is definitely the best this time of year and so easy to throw together too. Love the idea of butter, cinnamon and star anise plus alcohol! So warming.

    2. p.s. just wanted to say I made the Green Kitchen Stories crumble the other day with apples. Mm good. Anyway thought of you. Merry Christmas Caz! Whee!